Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am The Benefactor

I've been giving out money and art supplies to artists.

Now it's your turn.

You can start by donating to Artomatic.

While exploring Artomatic 2009 I wandered into the Arts Resource Center (ARC) on the 4th floor and looked at materials for all the different arts groups. I noticed three interesting organizations with goals that extend beyond the art community:

Art Enables

Arts for Global Development

Chalk 4 Peace

Please support one or more with a donation.

If you're involved in the Washington DC arts community please consider becoming a member of ArtDC.

I have recently been made aware of another excellent arts organization: Albus Cavus. Please consider helping them with a donation also.

Matt Sesow painted my portrait with acrylic paint I sent him. Looks just like me.


  1. thanks "Benefactor"! i just received your holiday package. rest assured, i'll be painting 'the benefactor' using some of the paint you sent me,
    have a great season.
    your pal,
    matt sesow

  2. Glad to hear you got it so quickly!

  3. Thanks benefactor! We received your holiday packages and shared with the Art Enables crew, they are steadily working on some new art with the pastels and pencils you sent :)

  4. Thank you for the lovely notes and paints. I have really been encouraged by your support.

  5. Hi "Benefactor" - we really hope to see you at Art Enables' 10th Birthday Party this weekend, so that you can see the wall of your notes that we have collected. We really appreciate your surprise gifts - they are a real boost. Even if you don't let us know who you are, we hope you will come and celebrate with us (and enjoy a cupcake) -- Mary @Art Enables